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About Ramelau


We created Ramelau as a place for people all over the globe who are inetrested in seeking services or products in East Timor. The website lists all services/products in East Timor, range from travel information, accommodation, businesses, restaurant and cafes, car rental and much more. We also sell East Timor products online using PayPal shopping cart - if you are interested in buying some of the products, please feel free to browse our online store.

About Mount Ramelau/Foho Ramelau

This website is named after Mount Ramelau, the highest mountain in East Timor at 2963 metres. The mountain is located approximately 80km south of the capital Dili and in the district of Ainaro. Foho Ramelau/Mount Ramelau was used as a political anthem of the Revolutionary Front of Independent East Timor (FRETILIN) in 1975. At that time I was only 14 years old and I could hear Fretilin supporters sing Foho Ramelau when they visited districts and villages.


The mission of Ramelau is to provide and disseminate a wide range of information on East Timor in digital format.


The primary objective of Ramelau is to provide a comprehensive range of information about East Timor including travel information, current news and developments, and other services to anyone who is interested in visiting East Timor.


To be a specialist and professional in information services: providing the customer with the highest level of service possible.

Learn Tetun - East Timor Phrasebook

East Timor Phrasebook

If you want to learn baisc Tetum we recommend you to purchase this book.

Easy-to-use tips for pronunciation and grammar, useful suggestions for health needs and emergencies, sustainable travel section and best phrases for finding accommodation.

East Timor Travel Guide

East Timor Travel Guide

A guide to the local cuisine, detailed maps and transport information - how to get there and how to get around.

This book is the work of two authors, 49 days of in-country research, and hundreds of kilometres of back-country research.