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Family Relationship in Tetun

Mother and Father

Aman/Apa = father. You will hear that some people in Dili might say Apa or Mama or Mae because of Portuguese influence, but the original Tetum is Aman and Inan.

Inan= mother

Fen = Wife

Laen = Husband

Sons and daughters

Feto = Girl

Mane = Boy

For animals: Inan = Female

Aman = Male

Oan = son/daughter eg. John iha oan lima = John has 5 childern.

Oan feto = daughter eg. John iha oan feto rua = John has 2 duaghters

Oan mane = son eg. John iha oan mane ida = John has one son.

Oan Hakiak = Adopted son/daughter

Labarik = children

Bebe = baby

Grandmother and Grandfather

Katuas = old men

Ferik = old women

Avo/Bei = grandmother/grandfather - Avo is a Portuguese word. The original Tetum is Bei.

Avo feto = grandmother

Avo mane = grandfather

Aman Banin = father in law

Inan Banin = mother in law

Mane foun = son in law

Feto foun = daughter in law

Maun Alin Inan Feton = Brothers and sisters

In English there are only two words to describe brother and sister’s relationships. In Tetum we have three words : Maun = brother, Bin = sister and Alin = brother/sister.

Maun = brother. If you call your siblings Maun means that he was born before you and can only apply to boys. For example, John is the first son and Peter is the second son so Petar will cal John Maun.

Maun kiik = younger brother – if Peter has another brother before him let say Markus, Peter will call Markus as Maun Kiik and John Maun Boot.

Bin = sister – if you call your siblings Bin means that she was born before you. For example, if there is a girl after Peter eg. Maria then Markus will call Maria as Bin and Peter and John will call Maria as Alin Feto.

Bin boot = older sister

Bin kiik = younger sister

Alin = younger sister/brother – if you call your siblings Alin means that he/she was born after you and applies for both girls and boys.

Alin mane = younger brother

Alin feto = younger sister

Primo = cousin for boys

Prima = cousin for girls

Rian/kuinado = brother in law. Rian is the original Tetum and kuinado is Portuguese. You will hear both words in daily conversation.

Kuinada/Bae = sister in law. Bae is the original Tetum word and kuinada is Portuguese.

Tio/Nai-Tua = uncle - Tio is a Portuguese word and Nai-tua is the original Tetum word same applies to tia.

Tia /Baba = aunty

Kaben nain = married

Klosan = single young men and women

Feto klosan = single women

Mane klosan = single men