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Health and Safety

East Timor is the newest country in the world. It became independence in 2002. As a new nation, you should take care of your personal safety and possessions. Below are some information about health and safety in East Timor - Timor Leste.


As a tropical country East Timor has lots of mosquitos. Travellers should take precautions against being bitten by mosquitoes. You should take with you or buy a safe and effective mosquito spray at the local chemist in Dili.


East Timor has malaria. As long as I know malaria is caused by mosquito bite. If you have these symptoms fever, shivering, chills and anaemia then you have got a malaria and you should see a local doctor.

It is recommended that before you travel to East Timor, you should visit your doctor to discuss about preventatve medication. Your doctor will advise you about the medication that you should take with you to prevent malaria.